Month: January 2021

nio and xpeng

NIO and Xpeng – The Key Chinese EV Players (Part 2)

In the first part of this article, we tackled about the history of the Chinese EV market and what drove the market’s growth in the country. Below we will take […]

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china USA

NIO and Xpeng: Driving China’s Giant EV Market Forward (Part 1)

NIO and Xpeng may be two of the biggest current players in the diverse Chinese electric vehicle market, but they’re only part of a much bigger story. In today’s article, […]

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new car in California

Why is Southern California The Best Place to Buy A New Car?

Southern California (SoCal) is known for a lot of things such as its beautiful weather and natural attractions. However, did you know that Southern California is also one of the […]

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digital car

How Digital Technologies are Changing the Buying Process and Experience

Most industries worldwide have now digitally transformed or are currently doing so to accommodate their target customers’ needs. According to a multinational study by GlobalWebIndex, most consumers feel that they […]

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autonomous car

Will Autonomous Vehicles Replace the Way We Move?

Autonomous vehicles or self-driving vehicles have slowly started to rise for the past few years. Many people believe that self-driving cars are the future of human transportation, and with their […]

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