Month: May 2021

buy car in America

The Typical Car Buying Process in the USA in 8 Steps

Americans have different tastes and different needs when it comes to cars. Some want sleek sports cars, others want budget-friendly pre-owned sedans, others need large family SUVs, and so on. […]

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buying a car

How to Negotiate with a Dealership

Does the idea of having to negotiate with a savvy car dealer fill you with dread? If it does, don’t be surprised. It’s the case already for the vast majority […]

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car buying with poor credit

Buying a Car with Poor Credit

With so many cars currently being bought on finance, be it via a car loan, lease or some other arrangement, having a good credit rating before heading to new car […]

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car leasing

Why Car Leasing is Popular in California

Since 2017, it has been the case that roughly 1 in 3 cars in the US is leased. The numbers fluctuated somewhat, but on average, according to data from Statista, […]

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