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Car Dealership in San Diego, California

CarBevy can help you find your next ride for an affordable price and significantly reduce your time in the dealership.

The way we buy cars from dealerships has not changed much over the past few decades. Sure, the internet has made it possible for car buyers to research the cars they are interested in and search for dealerships with the car they want to purchase. However, most car buyers still dread the onsite car buying experience, and there is no way around this.

After finding a local car dealerships in San Diego with the car, a typical car buying journey starts by going to the dealership and negotiating on the price. This price negotiation is often very stressful and uncomfortable for car buyers. Despite car buyers knowing what they want and how much they’re willing to pay, dealers are skilled salesmen who can steer prices beyond the buyer’s budget.

Once the car buyer and dealers have agreed on the price, the car buyer is invited to the finance manager’s office to finalize the terms of the financing, if application, and complete the registration paperwork. The finance manager will try to sell the car buyer many additional higher margined products and services such as extended warranties, paint protection, GAP insurance, and prepaid service plans. The finance manager is one of the best salespeople in the dealership and one of the highest-paid, for a good reason. The finance office generates a large portion of a dealer’s profits.

Based on CarBevy’s survey, one of the car buyers’ significant painful is the amount of time they spent in the dealership; A typical car buyer spent about four hours in the dealership!!

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Why using CarBevy is the best way to buy a car in San Diego

CarBevy has a strategic partnership that keeps track of the inventory data of CarBevy’s network of car dealerships in San Diego in real-time, allowing car buyers to select their car from our platform with guaranteed availability. With the customer making the first move, CarBevy ensures our users’ anonymity until they are matched with a single dealership and ready to finalize their purchase.

Car dealerships on Carbevy can either accept or reject the offer from the customer. When the offer is accepted, the dealer and buyer are “matched” to finalize the process. The customer then pays a refundable deposit to hold the car on CarBevy.

If none of the dealers accepts the car buyer’s initial offer, the dealers may make a “best price” and final counteroffer to the customer to accept or reject. This process creates urgency, keeps haggling to a minimum, and saves time for car buyers and dealerships.

CarBevy adds further transparency by aggregating incentives and bonus OEMS from dealers and investments to calculate a CarBevy price. Car buyers can use our “buy now” feature to buy a new car based on this CarBevy price.

The CarBevy dashboard allows car buyers and dealerships to track the process at every step, adding more transparency for the buyer and allowing dealerships to utilize historical transaction data to improve their sales.

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San Diego and CarBevy

CarBevy has over twenty auto dealers San Diego in its network, supporting over eight new car brands and over twenty used car brands. CarBevy is also a member of the New Car Dealers Association San Diego County.

Are you in the market for a new car? What are you waiting for? Visit CarBevy or email CarBevy at to learn more!

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