Why is Southern California The Best Place to Buy A New Car?

new car in California

Southern California (SoCal) is known for a lot of things such as its beautiful weather and natural attractions. However, did you know that Southern California is also one of the best places to get the best car deals? Here are some of the reasons why Southern California is the best place to buy a new car:

  • More Options – California is the state with the largest number of new vehicle registrations each year. It has the greatest number of dealers, giving customers many options depending on what model they would like and how much they are willing to spend. Car buyers can compare prices and go from one dealership to another to make sure that they can get the best deal. More car options from different dealers put the power in the customer’s hand as they will not have to settle for anything less than what they want or can afford. Car buyers are sure to enjoy Southern California’s diversity when it comes to car dealerships because its vast network of suburbs and neighborhoods fills out the market.
  • Car-crazed Culture – The car culture in Southern California has grown throughout the years, making cars much more affordable today. Between 2000 and 2015, private car ownership in SoCal grew from 1.7 to 2.4 vehicles per household. A 2018 data by Data USA showed that Orange County’s average car ownership is two (2) cars per household and other counties in the area show similar numbers. This means that more people are buying and enjoying cars in Southern California. The car culture has also expanded because of the number of people, especially celebrities, attracted to the cities in SoCal. Since Southern California is home to some of the most famous celebrities and athletes, residents can sometimes see them riding around in their beautiful and rare cars.
  • Suburbanization – More people are deciding to live in the suburban areas of Southern California to keep themselves safe from any dangers common in cities. Many of America’s cities are home to a variety of crimes ranging from petty theft to murders. By moving to the suburbs, Southern Californians are forced to rely on cars to travel since they lack good public transportation. Driving private cars is the primary means of transportation in the suburbs so Southern Californians will look for car dealers near them to ensure that they can conveniently move in and out of the suburbs without relying on other people to give them a ride.
  • Great Deals – With the number of options you have in Southern California, it is now easier to find great deals. So, if you are looking for a brand-new car with features that will fit your lifestyle, you’re in luck because with companies like CarBevy and other websites, you can find the car you want in the most efficient way possible. Since buying a car usually means spending a lot of money, the great deals in SoCal will be worth your time. A good example for this can be found in Orange County. In Orange County, Aliso Viejo has been named the #1 most affordable city in California to buy a car. Car buyers can have an easy time buying affordable cars in car dealerships Orange County, even outside Aliso Viejo. However, if going to Orange County will be a tough task for you, you can still get affordable new car deals from auto dealers in San Diego and other parts of the state because California is the 23rd most affordable state in the country and is only $167 more expensive than the other 22. With prices like this, you can easily find the perfect car for you in Southern California.

These are just some of the reasons why Southern California is the best place to buy a new car. Whether it be brand new or used, you can find a car that will suit your needs and the way you live. It is also easier now to buy a car with online transactions from CarBevy. Newcomers and longtime residents of Southern California can get their dream car at the comfort of their homes without haggling with the dealers.


So, what is CarBevy and what do we do? CarBevy is a haggle-free car buying experience that lets you get the car you want at the price that you are willing and able to pay. It is the newest and most efficient way to find the best car deals in Southern California. The goal is to help speed up the process of buying a car, saving customers like you the usual headache and stress that comes from negotiating with dealers on the purchase price. CarBevy makes it easy for you to reach dealers and offer prices at the comfort of your own home. Car buyers will have a great experience when they use CarBevy. CarBevy is also very simple and easy to use. The process comes in 4 steps:

  1. Find A Car You Love- Do your research and find a car that will fit you and your lifestyle with features you can enjoy.
  2. Make Your Offer- There will be no pressure on how much you are willing to pay for your car. Make an offer, and the offer remains private until it has been accepted.
  3. Let the Dealers Earn Your Business- Your offer will be sent to CarBevy’s trusted network of dealers, saving you a lot of time that is usually spent on physically going to dealerships.
  4. Offer Accepted- Once your offer is accepted, you will be notified. Your next step will be to acknowledge the acceptance and visit the dealership to finish all the paperwork, and you will be able to bring your car home.

With a process as easy as this, what else are you waiting for? Visit CarBevy and find your next ride today or contact them at 832-279-3806 to learn more. CarBevy has soft launched in San Diego, CA, and supports Toyota, Kia, Ford, and Hyundai. They plan to expand into other cities and add more brands making the buying experience much more efficient and versatile.

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